What is a Flowline?

This is one of the most unique technologies associated with ResponsiveAds.  When developing the fluid creative we spent a lot of time thinking about  all of the different options a user may want and based on these different scenarios below, we developed the concept of a Flowline; How the creative shape flows from size to size.

[Scenario A] ResponsiveAds Formats specifically and/or uniquely for Publishers Sites

[Scenario B] ResponsiveAds Formats developed by Media Agencies for cross-screen media buying and/or programmatic

[Scenario C] ResponsiveAds ( Responsive Creatives) developed by Creative Agencies 

A Flowline is the ruleset that defines the footprint shape of what the creative should be. It is the CSS and Javascript technology that takes a fluid Responsive Creative and makes it into an Ad Format.  The shapes can be predefined and delivered into ad slots or defined areas on publishers pages or the creative could automatically determine what size it should be and then fit to that ad slot.  

The power of this is that you can have one Responsive Creative, and with different Flowline configurations create all different types of Responsive Ads delivered as a single Ad Tag 

A Flowline ( which determines the footprint shape of the Ad Format)  can be set-up in three different ways; Size-Based Fluid, Fixed-Height Fluid or Completely Fluid


Size-Based Fluid (SBF) Flowlines  


( icon: represents different sizes strung together at different break points, mediaqueries) 

(Most common is Scenario A ) 

Mainly developed as a way to deliver specific different Ad Sizes for different break points of a Responsive Web Site.  This works well when you have a single 1st party ad tag and in that tag you want to deliver for e.g. a 300x600 size at desktop, then at Tablet 160x600 and 300x50 for mobile with the same creative.

It is a way of having any different size you want that switches as different breakpoints.   

Many publishers ( especially SME's) are used to using IAB standard sizes, and this is an easy way to have different IAB sizes for different channels ( desktop, tablet and mobile ) 

We created some basic SBF Flowlines and set them up for users to test and use, but with the Narrator tool you can create any custom configuration you want in the format section.

ResponsiveAds is now also working on a solution with this format for Scenario's B and C that enable group of different sizes that can deployed  selectively into different ad slots as one tag.  Instead of switching to different sizes via breakpoints or mediaqueries the ad slot from the 1st party ad server will be called to indicate size from the group of packages sizes should be delivered.  This is particularly interesting to have one-tag deployed through programmatic channels that can switch from size to size depending on the target ad slot.

Contact support@responsiveads.com if you want to deploy this solution for Scenario B, C.


Fixed-Height Fluid (FHF) Flowlines 


(Icon: shows a small basic 300x250 IAB unit being stretched to full the width area of the Ad Slot, column or screen width)

(Most common is Scenario A and B) 

This is used for ResponsiveAds most commonly deployed Ad Formats; Responsive Billboard, Leaderboard or Rectangle.   It came from the concept of the basic 300x250 IAB size unit getting STRETCHed to fill the space edge-to-edge. 

The beauty of this unit is no matter where it is deployed, it will just magically fit the slot, column or width of the area it is served into.  It defaults to the 300x250, or it just fits with wise perfectly.  

Custom script for padding, centering or other unique properties can also be added to this unit.

It is a great alternative to the 300x250 unit.  Media agencies that place the 300x250 will now get a unit that will always fit into the 300x250 shape but now it will also take up the space on the left and right side of the space to make for better resulting interactivity  ( See reference report on foot print sizes and better interactivity


Completely Fluid or Any Size Fluid (ASF) Flowlines

 (Icon:  Shows an Ad size that can be STRETCHed in both the X and Y, any direction, to essentially be a completely fluid asset) 

 (Most common is Scenario C)

This format is for cases where you do not know what size you want your creative to fit into and you want to have a completely fluid creative that works everywhere. Essentially any dimension.   Creative agencies that build our creative may not know what the target may be and want to make it so that they have a completely fluid creative that could be delivered to the media agencies.

Presently this type is unavailable in the self-serve version of Narrator, but is being developed and tested for programmatic creative delivery.

Contact support@responsiveads.com if you want to deploy this solution



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