Fixed-Height Fluid Flowline & Examples

Fixed-Height Fluid (FHF) Flowlines 


(Icon: shows a small basic 300x250 IAB unit being stretched to full the width area of the Ad Slot, column or screen width)

This is used for ResponsiveAds most commonly deployed Ad Formats; Responsive Billboard, Leaderboard or Rectangle.   It came from the concept of the basic 300x250 IAB size unit getting STRETCHed to fill the space edge-to-edge. 

The beauty of this unit is no matter where it is deployed, it will just magically fit the slot, column or width of the area it is served into.  It defaults to the 300x250, or it just fits with wise perfectly.  

Custom script for padding, centering or other unique properties can also be added to this unit.

It is a great alternative to the 300x250 unit.  Media agencies that place the 300x250 will now get a unit that will always fit into the 300x250 shape but now it will also take up the space on the left and right side of the space to make for better resulting interactivity  ( See reference report on foot print sizes and better interactivity



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