Element Transitioning & Anchoring (Size-to-Size)

As the Creative changes from Size to Size, it is important to set-up the elements transitioning properties indicated in the Element Properties Bar

The Transitioning Area is indicated by the light blue color in the ruler.

As the Creative changes from size to size how that element moves is related to:

  • Where it is anchored  ( left, right, top, bottom, horizontally centered, vertically centered or both centered)
  • Whether the position is absolute (pixels) or relative (%)
  • Where the size is absolute (pixels) or relative (%) 


This is a know property when it comes to designing in CSS, however for the first time user this concept might be a bit confusing.   The elements can be anchored as the size moves from size-to-size.

This image shows the same element (e.g. MasterCard logo) is anchored from 4 different corners.  As the size moves from 600 down to 520, the position shall be different depending on how it is anchored.

[Absolute or Relative Settings] 

Absolute and relative determine how the shape of that element changes related to the creative size.  

Absolute means that from one size (largest creative size) to another size (smaller creative size) the element size or position relative to that anchor stays the same.  Absolute equals pixels.

Relative means that from one size to another size, the elements size or position is a percentage of the overall creative size.   For example,  50% would mean the element is 50% of the size of the overall creative.  As the creative gets smaller, so does the element by that amount.

Here is an example both Absolute and Relative for the size transition.

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