Creative List Overview

The Creative List Section is were you can manage all of your main creatives.  From one Creative you an make many ads as well as have multiple deploys.


It should be relatively self-explanatory what each icon and area represents, but if not please reference the diagram below.


[ List View] 

1. This is the title and the little icon of the page represents any notes kept with that creative.  By hovering over this icon shows the full title as well as the latest notes.  If the notes go longer then the the area, you are taken to the Creative Summary page with more information.

2. Published State icon.   As a reference for the state of the creative the icon can be either Draft, Published, or if you made changes after Publishing, then, Re-Publish required state.

3. Creative total load size and last 30 days impressions.   As ResponsiveAds uses size for one of it s billing requirements, it is important you know the size of your creatives at all times.  This is the total size of the polite loads of the creative.

4. Source.  Indicating whether your creative made from PSD or from a Template

5. Sort by.  This is a good method to filter the list contents to find what you are looking for

[ Hovering over the Creative] 

6. Edit Creative.  This opens up the creative in the Editor so you can update it or finalize your Creative.    Even after your Creative is Published and tags are live on the page, you can go into the creative, edit it and re-publish.  This will update the creative in the field in real time.   Maximum time is about 5 minutes for full global propagation using the Akamai delivery CDN

7. Summary page.  This is the detailed snap shot page of the overall Creative.  It is the page that has your deployments, preview links, Notes and information sources and links to your different ads and tags. 

8. Options.  This is where you can do others things like delete, duplicate, change thumbnail and even make a Template from the existing creative.

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