What is the Business Model of ResponsiveAds?

ResponsiveAds is a SaaS provider with it's self-serve creative workflow tool called Narrator Studio.   The Responsive Creatives produced into Responsive Ads by Narrator are called STRETCH Ads.


  • Narrator Studio is FREE to use with no monthly minimum or license fee.
  • Users can create unlimited creatives and produce an unlimited amount of ad tags
  • Users are given 50k BASIC free impressions to test ads and creatives


  • Upon using the tool all users must agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies
  • Users will be subject to the standard fee's of ResponsiveAds for any impressions over the 50k limit.  
  • There are three different price tiers based on CPM (BASIC, PRO, ADV)
  • Users will be charged at the last day of each month automatically for the amount of impressions used at the different tiers. 
  • New users will be asked to sign an order form and provide information for invoicing.
  • Upon the official Public Release of V2.0 all users will be required to submit their credit card in order to use the tool unless there is an MSA ( Master Service Agreement ) between the Parties.


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