V2 New Analytics & Reporting System

With the V2.1 Release in May of 2016 we added a completely new architecture for analytics.  The roll-out of this system will occur over the next 3~6 months.

V2.1.3 ( August 3, 2016) was the first Phase #1 of the Release.  The purpose was to get exactly what we had before up and running.  Release notes are offered in the product, but here is information.

  • “BETA” release of new analytics system (phase #1- see image below)
    • New UI, New scalable architecture, fully responsive for all screens.
    • New analytics phase #1 will include the same data as before, but in the new UI format
      • Set Date
      • Export Data
      • Visualization Charts
    • New analytics contains data from 1st of July 2016. Older data will be migrated into the new system this Fall. If earlier reports are required, please submit requests to matti@responsiveads.com.
    • Reports and data, from 1st of July 2016, for http://beta2.responsiveds.com ( V1 2013~May 2015) and http://app.responsiveads.com ( V2 till this release)  creatives be accessed through the new analytics system in V2.1.3
  • “BETA” release of new analytics system (phase #2) is planned for release in the next couple of weeks.  We will be gradually adding lots of new features.

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