V2 and V3 Accounts Overview

ResponsiveAds launched Narrator™ Studio V2 in 2016 as a platform for publishers to build edge-to-edge fixed height fluid creatives ( fluid width and fixed height e.g. 250H).   The platform was very comprehensive but did not have the workflow or advanced features to build full-fluid creatives.  V2 is accessible by logging in at https://app.responsiveads.com

ResponsiveAds launched Narrator™ Studio V3 in January of 2018.  The architecture was improved to handle dynamic loading of assets, fully-fluid design and much sought after customer-requested features such as undo/redo, Zoom, advanced animation, export, and advanced fully-fluid design. V3 is accessible by logging in at https://app2.responsiveads.com


V2 will stay activated for at least 2 years after the release of V3 that would mean till Dec 31,  2019, unless there is a request by Customers.  Even though the editor might be closed down, any creative hosted and served by ResponsiveAds will exist indefinitely.

Forward/Backward Compatibility

Forward Compatibility was considered in the design, but backward compatibility is not possible. This means that creative built-in V2 can be migrated to V3, but V3 creative will NOT work in V2.

Due to this forward and backward compatibility, we advised partners to use a new V3 account set-up by ResponsiveAds.

Creative built-in V2 may be migrated to V3.   The process is to make a duplicate in V2 and then move the ownership to the new V3 account.  Open the creative in the new V3 account-- Save.   This should update the creative.  There may be elements that need to be replaced and broken.  Elements such as text boxes and buttons will most likely need to be redone.




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