Why is my click-through going to a different URL?

There are 2 places to set-up click-throughs, [1] Editor [2] Deployments and then on the Preview Page you can test and check though Click-throughs by selecting different items.

[1]  Editor

  • Click-throughs can either be set-up via an Element's " ELEMENTS Call-to-Action"  (Diagram A.)
  • Overall Click-through for the entire Creative  (Diagram B.)

V3.0.37_ResponsiveAds_Studio-_Element_Call-to-Action.png         V3.0.37_ResponsiveAds_Studi-___Creative_Click-through.png

A. Element Settings  -  Elements Call-to-Action         B. Creative Settings- Set up Click-Through 


[2]  Deployments (Summary Page)

  • When you set-up a Deployment to get an ad tag, you have the ability to Edit or Set-up a Click-through URL.  You can do this by "Edit Deployment"
  • When Editing a Deployment it will overwrite what your set-up in the editor.  This makes for a good way to templatize creatives by having a placeholder URL for many different elements or the creative and then when you get your ad tag, you can change the URL for that deployment.



So to answer this Question?

We have a partner that had duplicated and used a creative as a template, so the older URLS that had been set-up in the editor were used.  They overwrote them using deployments, but on the preview page, they were still getting the old click-throughs.


Hi Morgan,
The issue here is that the GE URL is set in the Editor. In the deployment the florahealth URL is used, when getting a tag the deployment settings will be used. The deployment settings will override any settings set in the editor. When going to the preview page a deployment is not selected by default, so it will preview with the Editor settings.
In the preview page you can select the deployment from the second dropdown, you can then copy the preview URL so that it will use that selected deployment from top right “Copy URL”. See attached screen.
( see the deployment section, so you can select the deployment that you set-up with a unique URL as well as the Copy and share on the top right )


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