V3.0.47 Release Notes

Ver 3.0.47 Release
40 updates: 19 Improvements and 21 Bug fixes V3.0.37 (Oct 2018) ~V3.0.47 (Nov 2018)



  1. Unmute/Mute text updated for video elements
  2. Redesign of the creative options on creative listing page
  3. Added lightboxStateCallback
  4. YouTube and Vimeo custom trackers added
  5. We enabled fallbacks section for templates on summary page
  6. Updated link in the font upload dialog
  7. Improved timeline header design for screens smaller than 1440px
  8. Update to summary page track and deployment section
  9. Improved number handling in the top bar input windows
  10. We added “sidekick” action to element triggers
  11. We improved actions/trigger (on click and on hover) to support multiple triggers on a single element
  12. Added expand and collapse all elements for timeline element list
  13. We added uuid property to analytics call
  14. Improved creative listing preview images
  15. Animation timeline UI upgrade
  16. We added an improvement to force all anchors to top left when using animation timeline
  17. getWindowSize function in Radical update
  18. Added zoom level indicator
  19. Open/close state for element list group is now saved across refresh

Bug fixes

  1. Summary page CTA bug with deployments
  2. YouTube fallback not working fixed
  3. Fixed a bug with animation and text editing
  4. Fixed scrollbar issue for timeline
  5. Html5video element mute/unmute bug fixed
  6. Html5video restart on Safari bug fixed
  7. Fixed and issue with textbox edit
  8. Fixed timeline header scrollbar issue and improved look on smaller screens
  9. Fixed a bug with html5video jumping when changing properties
  10. Textbox element bug fixed
  11. Video element jumping when changing properties bug fixed
  12. Double click to edit textbox fixed
  13. Bug fix for onClick handling with deployments
  14. Fixed a bug with delete format function. It’s now not deleting layouts if the same sizes are in other formats.
  15. Element name update in the animation element list
  16. Fixed selection loginc between timeline keys and elements in the element list
  17. Additional fixes for marquee handling when timeline is enabled
  18. Fixed a bug with textbox and doubleclick to edit option
  19. Fixed a bug with radical unnecessarily re-rendering elements in certain cases
  20. Fixed a bug with Monotype not loading fonts from legacy creatives
  21. Fix for YouTube player poster initial play


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