v 3.0.72 Release Notes

Ver 3.0.72 Release (Live)

  1. Improvements
    1. General UI improvements
    2. Added single size format options when creating a new creative
    3. Added Omnivirt video player widget to the editor
    4. Added mouse in / out event option to element call-to-actions
    5. Added toggle and reserve action option to element call-to-actions
    6. Added an option to image elements to enable staged loading order
    7. Added page scroller setup options to creative setup
    8. Expanded carousel widget options
    9. Video transcoding will now include the original file also as a selectable rendition.
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed a bug that causes loading issues with fonts on MS Edge browser
    2. Fixed a bug with toggling group elements
    3. Fixed a bug in which lightbox open state could lose functionality if the closed state ad slot refreshed.
    4. Make sure that fonts are loaded for elements that start hidden, but are then brought into view by trigger actions
    5. Fixed a bug where text box element editing was interfered by an overlapping element
    6. Fixed a bug with fallback generation
    7. Fixed a bug with nested element rendering
    8. Fixed a preview page bug when changing from a Fully-Fluid format to a fixed dimensions format
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